About Us
Interact has been developing custom and semi-custom solutions in the mobile carrier space for over 20 years. With a customer-centric approach, our wide range of services and experienced staff make Interact an ideal partner for any custom application development project. Our dedicated team of software engineers and application developers pride themselves on delivering solutions that provide the right balance of functionality, flexibility, and cost of ownership.

It’s Interact’s goal to provide our customers with the resources and tools needed to build and grow their business. Our professional services include requirements gathering, selection of optimal technologies, system design, development, testing, implementation, support and maintenance.

Let Interact Provide a Communications Team to Help Make your Project a Success

We create cutting edge IVR solutions that have enabled our customers to change the way they do business, including:

  • Custom programming
  • Installation and support services
  • Evaluating and enhancing existing systems or applications
  • Independent Test from our Quality Assurance team
  • Rapid Time to Market
  • Database design and management
  • Project management
  • Training
Database, Web, Mobile
Our development team covers a wide variety of skill sets, including Database Management, Programming (Web, Mobile, Voice and Information processing), Testing and Test Automation, Training, Deployment, and Project Management. With years of experience in Linux, SS7, SIP, Diameter, and many other protocols, Interact’s professional services team is equipped to handle our customer’s development challenges.
Custom Development for Faster Time to Market
Interact utilizes an Agile Development Methodology which enables us to provide our customers with the best value as quickly as possible, while our award winning Quality Assurance team ensures the solutions we create meet our demanding customer’s needs.
Our Success
Our development and professional services team has helped implement solutions reaching over 80 million end-users worldwide, and include:

Thin-Client applications enabling remote access for server side solutions
Conferencing solutions, including web GUI integrations with IVR technology

  • High performing, scalable Rating solutions for (Tier 1 to Tier 3) telcos
  • Web based customer service applications
  • Data Reporting and Archival Systems
  • Inventory Management systems
  • Custom Monitoring and reporting solutions
  • Integrating new functions, features and emerging technologies into the target architecture
  • Integrating Location Based Services into existing or custom IVR applications
  • Incorporating Voice Print technology into existing or custom IVR applications
  • Creating scalable, extensible applications
  • Creating custom rating enhancements for mobile operators
  • Database consulting and test support
Why Choose Interact?
Interact enables you to develop cutting edge communications products that solve business problems.

  • Deployment Options: Our Cloud, Your Cloud…
  • Performance Based Platforms: Customized Applications for Best Client Results
  • Faster Time To Market: Strong Development Team
  • Worldwide Experience: Established in 1982, our systems have reached over 80 million end users in over 30 countries and counting.