HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company’s offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing. Interact utilizes HP servers, complementary OpenCall service creation environments and INS offerings, as well as storage devices to provide advanced voice and data solutions to all types of wireless / wireline-based enterprises.


      Shango operates the only community-based marketplace for the fulfillment of global IP-enabled services among communication service providers. The company’s cloud-based services are pioneering the future of buying and selling IP services by creating a new standard of exchange for conducting telecom transactions.

      The marketplace, with its common APIs and multi-tenancy capability simplifies fulfillment across disparate trading partners, applications, and network elements to allow service providers to transcend legacy constraints and grow revenue.

      Based in Austin, TX, Shango supports over 1,400 trading partners, including enterprises and major carriers, and facilitates more than 5 million application transactions annually. For more information or to learn more, please visit or call 877.499.1242.


        LumenVox has won numerous awards for innovation and technical excellence. Based on industry standards, LumenVox’s core Speech Software is certified as one of the most accurate, natural sounding, and reliable solutions in the industry. The Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech Server, and Speech Tuner are the foundation of a successful speech solution. LumenVox technology is used worldwide by companies like Verizon, GM, Toyota, Kmart, the Aussie Post, British Telecom, government agencies, over 300 banks, telecom service providers, 511 operations, and nearly 2,000 other resellers and developers.


          VoiceVault Inc. is a leading provider of voice biometrics with focused expertise delivering identity verification solutions to the Healthcare and Financial Services markets. Voice biometrics is a method of identifying individuals by measuring their unique vocal characteristics. The approach relies on the simple fact that speaking is completely natural and effortless and that no two voices are exactly the same. Our solutions enhance multifactor authentication processes with something you are – your voice.